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We have a heart for those who are caught up by the LDS movement and we are actively pursuing to share the truth in love in this area.  Our goal is to equip Christians with the tools and understanding of how to minister effectively to our LDS brothers and sisters, and to assist those who are involved, to find related resources.

One of the biggest challenges in this area is understanding the terminology.  LDS and Christians use the same words, yet they often have very different meanings.  Both Christians and LDS will greatly benefit from understanding this difference.

 I was a former member of the LDS church, although not as active as some, nonetheless, born into an LDS family and a member for 30+ years.  The death of several people caused me to take a closer look at what I really believed. I turned to the Bible for answers which ultimately led me to leave Mormonism for Christianity.  The transition was extremely difficult and costly.  I call it the “awkward spot.”  Learning who God really is, developing new relationships outside of Mormonism, and coming to trust people were only part of the dynamics of my new life in Christ.  I became a Christian in 1999 and have been involved in reaching out to the LDS since that time. 

Amazing Grace - Leanne Reimes



Fact: Amazing grace is NOT found in the LDS Hymnal


 "This very song, "Amazing Grace" sung by Leanne Reimes was the straw that broke the camel's back for me, I heard it in an electronics store on a TV that I was passing by.  I stopped and even though I had heard that song many times before, I understood the words for the first time.  Later at an LDS service I wanted to hear more about Jesus Christ, and He was just not there, so I decided to be comforted by the words of "Amazing Grace", I pulled out the hymnal and and could not find it.  I said, "there is no amazing grace here."  That was my last time attending the LDS church as a member.  I wanted the real thing.  I left Mormonism for genuine relationship with Jesus Christ." E. R. Hoff


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