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Mountain Meadows

The following are links and resources regarding the Sept 11, 1857 massacre at Mountain Meadows.

September Dawn website

Link to septemberdawn.net




What are the historical roots and causes behind the Mountain Meadow Massacre? Polygamy, paranoia, and a violent LDS theocracy in 19th-Century Utah.

This short synopsis of the events leading up to this tragedy is explained by Sandra Tanner and Scott Fancher, who are descendants of the perpetrators and victims, respectively.

In 1857, 120 unarmed members of a wagon train moving through southern Utah were attacked and slaughtered at the hands of Mormon militia. Until the Oklahoma City bombing, this was the largest-scale massacre single-event massacre in US History. And like another brutal massacre some 150 years later, this one occurred on September 11th as well. And yet it remains an obscure historical footnote, because of an active cover-up that has gone on for 150 years; the Mormon Church continues to deny any culpability in this travesty.


Burying the Past: Legacy of the Mountain Meadows Massacre

An award-winning new documentary that provides a balanced look at

one of the most controversial episodes in Mormon history.












September Dawn-the movie: The reviews (Orlando Sentinal)

I was LDS for 32 years, while a member I never heard about the Mountain Meadows Massacre...I left the Mormon church because of its false doctrine and deception. I later learned about Mountain Meadows, and many other such instances that make up a portion of the foundation upon which the LDS church stands today. What was covered in the Movie, particularly the words of Brigham Young were historically correct...It would be a difficult task putting together a film with this  subject matter together without hurting somebody's feelings.

I am glad that the story is being told around the world, its needed to be told. It is about time that the blood of those people be heard crying from the meadow. It is time for the truth to be seen by the public in regards to responding to the foundation upon which the Mormon Missionaries stand when they are at our doorstep.

Story line? I would have probably done it a little different, but overall, the subject matter was generally in alignment with what what done and said by the LDS leaders. I think that most of the words of Brigham Young are quotes from sources like the Journal of Discourses, and Church History.

I am glad that the story is out for the pondering mind to see. Did he really say that? Do they really believe that?

It may seem like harsh subject matter for a movie.

But the actual event, the cold blooded killing of innocent, hungry, thirsty, unarmed men, women and children seems a bit harsher.



Online Books relating to Mountain Meadows


Mountain Meadows Massacre, Josiah F. Gibbs 1910   https://www.utlm.org/onlinebooks/meadowscontents.htm






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