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March 24, 2008


A letter from "Coopdeville" sent to our Godtube mailbox

From: Coopdeville

Date:Monday, March 24, 2008 at 09:54 AM

I see that you are an ex-Mormon and consequently now an anti-Mormon. I have several questions for you that I hope you can, in time, come to answer. I will first start by saying that before the age of 18 I did not even know who Jesus was, but through the grace of God I have gone through a state of Metanoia just as the scriptures promise. I have shed away the person and life I once lived and been given the oppertunity to start anew in a new land with new friends and a new life. I learned the importance of belonging to a Church as the scriptures tell us in Ephesians chapter 4 verse 11 we see that being a lone follower is not the way of Christianity, but in fact belonging to a Church is. For as the scripture says ". . . He appointed some to be apostles, others to be prophets, others to be evangelists, others to be pastors and teachers. He did this to prepare all God's people for the work of Christian service, in order to build up the body of Christ. And so we shall all come together in that oneness in our faith and in our knowledge of the Son of God. . . 16 Under His control all the different parts of the body fit together, and the whole body is held together by every joint with which it is provided. So when each seperate part works as it should, the whole body grows and builds itself up through love.

This body the scripture speaks of is the Church, Christianity on earth as a congregation, or family if you will. We see from these scriptures that there is great importance to belonging to a Church. It is the way that we are properly able to provide service and be of one mind in our faith. However, the Bible has oblviously not proven to be enough when it comes to keeping Christians together in the fullness, the oneness, the BODY that we are asked to be. If it was, then we would not have the countless Christian denominations which we do today, all of whom claim to believe 100% of the Bible's teachings. I am not putting down the Bible by any means, only saying that there is more to Christianity then just reading the scriptures, just as was true for the Jews and their scriptures. This can be seen in Jeudaism with the teachings of the Kabalah. The fact is that every denomination has it's different interpretations of what the Bible teaches and it is through the lack of understanding and guidance of the Holy Spirit that their arises so many brake off churches. I did not find the closeness of what a Christian Church should bring within any of the denominations I attended, only a fake attitude among the majority of being "good christians" because they attend church on Sundays (or Saturdays for some). I joined Catholic Church because after studying the history of Christianity it only seemed right that I join the original Church, the one from which, as history states, was of the succession of the Apostles and the Authority which was given to Saint Peter. When I was introduced to the LDS Church I engaged in many countless arguments to prove them wrong and after much time only came to find that it was in fact me who was wrong. Every argument I had heard and brought to the LDS Church was shot down with truth. I came to find that all the anti-Mormon arguments were either based on lies, misunderstandings, or down right lack of knowledge. If the Book of Mormon is found to be true then so also the LDS Church must be true.

But getting back to my questions for you I must as first where you get off saying that those of the LDS faith are not Christians, when they Believe in the Bible just as every other Christian does? If the interpretations of the LDS Church are different then the Church you now attend then you seem to think they must not be Christians, but would that not also hold true for all the other denominations which are seperated from yours? The attitude of referring to ANY other denominaton as being "Not Christian" is judgmental and wrong. Look at the scripture of LUKE 6:37 "Do not judge others and God will not judge you; Do not condemn others and God will not condemn you. . ." LUKE 6:41 "Why do you look at the speck in your brothers eye, but pay no attention to the log in your own?" I do not know exactly what it is that led you away from the LDS Church but can say that there is obvioulsy something you must have missed in either your understanding of the LDS teachings or in your studies of whether their happens to be proof of the Book of Mormon's authenticity. Perhaps we would do well in first stating why you think the LDS teachings are in opposition or contradiction to the Bible. I know it is not but perhaps your personal interpretations or your minister's understandings of the Bible are different then mine, which would obviously be different than many other Christians. Let me also say that just because there might be some LDS teachings which are not found directly in the Bible, does not mean that they are apposed to the Bible. Are you aware of the Dead Sea Scrolls and how they have revealed missing parts of Scripture that should have and were once a part of the original Scriptures? There have been and continue to be found parts of scripture which have been lost over the ages of time. So if the Dead Sea Scrolls are accepted by most every denomination (this does not mean they include it into the Bible) as being legitimate ancient scriptures which do not appose the Bible but only add to it, then what does it mean when the Dead Sea Scrolls actually support the Book of Mormon and LDS teachings? If the teachings of the Kabbalah are not found directly in the Torah then but just as important to Jewish beliefs, then why should it be expected to differ with other teachings of Christianity? Let me also say that the Kabbalah is ongoing, just as certain parts of Christianity, more specifically the LDS denomination.

Many people are afraid of the LDS Church because of other peoples comments and attempts at disproving their beliefs. Such things as that which is written in Revelations 22:18 give people fear that by believing the scriptures of the LDS Church any consideration would be of violation to this command. However it is a misunderstanding because few seem to know that when this was written it was referring to the book of Revelations, not the Bible as a whole. Giving the entire scripture of 22:18-21 serious consideration and understanding will show that this refers to the writings of Revelations only. The Bible did not come about until a few hundred years after the writings of John. God’s word, which is what the Bible is, and His interactions with His human creation do not end with the Bible, nor are they confound to the Bible. The Jewish people know this of the Torah so why do Christians as descendants of Jeudaism not seem to get this? The writings and account of this only stopped when the Church fell into apostate. The Bible gives the account of His interactions with humans from day one (The Book of Genesis) up until the end of the apostles. Looking to the book of Deuteronomy 4:2 we read “Ye shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you.” we see this same scripture as that which is found in Revelations but if we took it to mean that the scriptures should end there then we would be missing a whole lot. That cannot even be argued. So it is with the Word of God today as it is revealed through the Prophets and teachings of the latter days. It is unfortinate that we have as many different denominations as we do however it ist the humanly and earthly way of us to slip into states of mind that are closed off, ignorant, and seperated from our brothers and sisters. Let us not be so closed off and hard hearted in our ways but rather open, honest, and prayerful in all that we do as Christians so that even when there comes disagreements, we may still view eachother as brothers in Christ. I have much to discuss with you Hoff, but this will take much time and we must first cover what I have stated already in this letter.

Whether you believe it or not, we are Brothers in Christ!





March 24, 2008


Response to Coopdeville

This is a response to the above letter from Coopdeville that he sent to our GodTube mailbox. What I hope to share with clarity is that we often overlook the main thing and focus on non-essentials in the religion quest.  So in this letter I point to a moment in time that is important for us to understand with clarity before we add the machinations of men.




Did you have the opportunity to visit my website, luv1another.com ? 

"New Life in Christ".  Many of the concerns you expressed are dealt with there.


You use the word Anti-Mormon very carelessly in my opinion. I don't mind, it just simply does not apply here.  I understand why you and others us it, as I once shared a similar mindset and mantra.


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me as it reveals that you may have a willingness to develop an ear to hear as to discern the Word in truth.


Pilot said, “What is truth?”  Jesus said, “I am the truth…”


Mormonism in my view comes across as amplified flesh.  It is built on a completely different foundation than Christianity and its teachings are out of alignment with the Word.  One is self exaltation and the other is complete humility and surrender.


I am loyal to the Bible because the gospel message is consistent, clear and complete, and it is truly an historical document whereby we can visit the graves, cities and see the evidence of the people and words written therein. 

For the foreign LDS scripture, pre 1800 there is nothing, it is purely subjective and much of it is proven to be false information.

 An example of this is the Book of Abraham.  There is a video link on the front page of my site that you can view that shares the history of the LDS Book of Abraham. 

I have heard LDS say that if you want truth about a religion one must go to the religion itself, but I have found it to be the least reliable source in most cases.

The LDS church led me to believe that Joseph Smith and Emma was a happily married couple, and I heard nothing of the sexual problems and polygamy that plagued their marriage.  I am not going to become a God, but that is what I was taught.


By looking at all sides, one is less likely to be deceived.  Eternity is a long time.


I have seen many people leave the LDS church for genuine relationship with Jesus Christ, to become Christians.  The cost is great.  But when we find that pearl of great price, as Jesus said, would we not sell all that we have and purchase that pearl? 


Jesus is that Pearl.


Men through the blinders of religiosity are beguiled into believing all kinds of machinations of men as seen by the examination of extra biblical history.  The Bible calls us to look to one head of the Church and to stand upon Him as our only foundation. 


Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" ...except by Him there is NO other way.


Rather than pointlessly argue the derailment of man on his perceptions, I believe that one if desperately interested in truth (willing to forsake all for the real thing), would do well to examine the moment of change between the OT and the NT.  Herein is the key to understanding the freedom upon which you stand or may stand when understood.


Bear with me on the following.  Grab a pen and paper.


If you draw a cross (a line down the center and across near the top)  on a piece of paper, put a dot where the lines intersect.  At the top of the page write, "What changed?"  pointing at the dot.


On the left side top of the line write OT (Old Testament) and also above that write LAW.


On the right side top of the line write NT (New Covenant) and also above that write GRACE.


Now on the OT side below the line, write down the following key words.


1 Shadow (the OT was a shadow of the real thing)

2 Prophets (Mouth peice for God prophesying the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven and the King)

3 Priesthood of men

4 Satan had free reign

5 Penalty of Sin is death

6 The Temple was built by mans hands

7 Levitical High Priests sacrificed in Temple for symbolic covering of sin once a year

8 Gods name not revealed, in His name ALL POWER is given.

9 Period of Darkness

10 God could not dwell in men- but in the Holy of Holies

11No righteousness- righteousness of man is filthy rags

12 Men thought that certain works brought them closer to God (the LAW became minute detail)

13 Animals Sacrificed persisted

14 Man is in bondage - captivity



Finally on the Right side below the line


1 Reality.  Shadow was a likeness, but the reality is now FULFILLED.

2 No need for Prophets.  God now dwells in us.  Where two or three are gathered, there am I said Jesus. Jesus was the fulfillment of the words of the OT prophets.

3 Jesus became our great High Priest.  (Mormonism boasts its manhood through authority in its two manmade priesthoods which we never saw the likes of in history, there was no such thing, yet  Joseph calls Mormonism "restored".  Where is the original model?)

4 Satan was completely conquered at the cross (he is the father of lies and deception)  Jesus gave us power and authority over such.

5 Jesus removed the sting of death for those who accept His free gift in truth.  He paid the price for ALL sin on earth, past, present and future. 

6 We are now the Temple of God.  God indwells us today.  The building built by mans hands was completely destroyed as Jesus predicted.  he needed to show that a temple built by man will fall, and that HE WILL BUILD THE TEMPLE.  We cannot do it.  We are not able.  He is able.

7 Jesus became our great High Priest forever....

8 His name was revealed whereby all power is given through the spoken word.  He gave those who accept His free gift the power and authority to speak in His Name.  We have power and authority to stand against the lies of Satan and to speak life into the dead.  We are walking dead men without the genuine reality of Jesus Christ operating in our lives. 

9 Jesus is the light.  He gave us that light.  That light requires oil.   Oil is relationship with Him.  This is spending time with Jesus Christ in his word, in truth.  With oil our lamps will burn brightly.  If blinded by the captivity of looking to any other source for light than Jesus Christ, our batteries will soon fade.

10 God now can dwell in us.  The Holy of Holies in the Temple was an example of what it will look like when the real thing comes.  It was a shadow - parable form.   The Arc represents your innermost where the law is written, and you are dependant on the provision of God - the manna...etc.

11 Today, Jesus is our righteousness.  What pride to think that it is possible for us to become good enough to become equal with God to become a god...It is only in His righteousness that we will stand on that judgment day the comes immediately after we die on earth.  Will we say, I was a Mormon or I was a Catholic or whatever...I will say "I was a wretched sinner and deserve nothing less than eternal hell and darkness where there is gnashing of teeth and wailing for eternity....but I accepted the free gift at the cross and will lay my judgment in His hands.

12 Works.  Jesus said to the hardest workers of works (the chosen ones) "You are as whited sepulchers’, all white and beautiful on the outside, but within are full of dead mans bones"  There is no life in you.

It is not by our righteousness, but by his in and through us.  So in order for us to do this we must lay down our lives, not to a false religion of man, but to Jesus Christ in truth.  Only then can he do the work in you.

13 The veil in the Holy of Holies in the temple was ripped in two when Jesus died on the cross.  At that moment, the symbolic sacrifice was completely fulfilled.   There was not more need to revert back to the shadow as the reality has now come.

14 The Gospel today is the "Good News". We have been set free from the bondage of sin and God now dwells in us because our sin debt was paid and Jesus provided a robe to cover our foolish nakedness.  The Gospel is to share that this gift is in the possession of everyone, they just do not know it yet.  Until we share with them in truth.


So now, why go through that little art exercise?


Mormonism comes to our doors to proclaim that they are the only true church on earth while all others and their creeds are an abomination...They claim that they have the "RESTORED" gospel of Jesus Christ, that they have the priesthood authority on the earth....


In our drawing above, what needed to be "restored" that Jesus accomplished?


Where does our priesthood authority rest now?


Who is the Church?   (Is it the one who claims to be the only truth while all others are abominable?)


What is the ultimate significance of that transition?


If Jesus Christ (God) is the bridegroom.  And we are the bride...and he said "I DO" with his life, death and resurrection...what now for us?


Be Blessed.





February 14, 2008


A message from My brother !

This comment was a response to my Romney video on Godtube.  I asked him to Check out my website when he got an opportunity.  I am encouraged that he took the time to visit and to share his thoughts.

I am Eric Hoff's Brother Todd Hoff. I am the brother that actually continued to go to church as we were growing up, went on a mission, and continue to be active today. It makes me sad that Eric tries so hard to get others to go away from thier faith, rather than just promoting Christ. He has seached both church history books & Anti Morman materials to bring you his interprotations of whether Mormons are Christians or not. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints (mormon). I learn of Christ when I go to church, when I read bible & book of mormon, and when I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. I know that he died for my sins, because I am not perfedt. Christ is our example and I strive to be like him. When I fall short he makes up the difference. I love my brother Eric Hoff, I wish him the best in his ednevours , but his view of mormanism is very distorted. Just ask your morman neighbors, friends , and work associates who actually go to church and strive to live its teachings. They will likely tell you that they learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ and that the church is only a means to spread his gospel and conduct priesthood ordinances with the authority of Christ such as baptism. Also where 2 or more are gathered in his name, there he will be also. If Eric has fouind what he believes is a better path to Christ or whatever he does believy in, then he has the right to do so and I love him and wish him well. I maintain however, that we should share what we bellieve is true to those who are willing to hear it, but not tear down others faith. Everyione has the right to believe in whatever faith they choose, and we do not have the right to take that away from them. I am happy in my faith and I wish Eric would leave me alone regarding faith. It makes me sad that as clear as I have made this to him that he continues to direct me to websites, videos, or books trying to change my mind so that I might give up my faith. If someone has a desire to leave the Mormon faith and is not happy with it, then by all means help that person find an alternate path to Christ or God of thier choosing if thats what they are seeking. But dont try to pull others from their faith or go back into church records till you find something that you can use to show the public a distorted view. If someone wants to learn about the Mormon, Jewish, Isam, Hindo, Butta, Catholic, etc .... faith then go to one of thier representavies or faci!@#!ies and learn about it directly. Not from someone who wasn't able to live its teachings and was unhappy and has somehow become bitter. Romeny has as much right to run for President as someone from any other faith. To attack him because of his faith is simply wrong. I believe it is more important to judge someone by whether they actually live their faith rather than whatever faith it happens to be. Being active in the Mormon faith is not easy, it requires you to give allot of your time to others, and is very strict concerning alchohal, drugs, smoking, morality, and other things that can sometimes be extreemly hard to follow. Its ministry is unpaid and called through revelation rather than a college degree. When its members fall short of the teachings (and they will because we cant be perfect in this life) there is a means to make it better with God. It's called repentance and the gospel teaches us that throuh Christ we can be washed clean and try again. We renew this process each time we take the sacriment each Sunday which reminds us that Christ is there for us when we fall short. It is simply not fair that Eric can say that I am not a Christian while I attend the morman church. Christ is the center of my daily life. May God Bless you all what ever your faith might be ;)

February 16th, 2008


My response


My Brother Todd, How are you?  I cannot wait for the opportunity to come and visit you and your sweetheart.


Thank you for visiting my website and coming here to share your thoughts. That 5 star rating ran far too long anyway, thanks for the new rating!  Moreover I am glad to see you here, and glad that you responded. It shows that you care.  It has been a great deal of time since we have touched this subject.


As you have noticed, I do not accept Mormonism to be Christianity nor Christianity to be Mormonism.  It is just not possible to intertwine the two.  We MUST understand the foundation upon which each is built.  Only then can we build on the genuine foundation.


I can understand how emotional things can be from the LDS mindset,  to see your brother so adamant about clarifying something that you have poured your entire life into...You must know that I am not the enemy, I represent the king.


 I demolished my house which was built upon the old LDS foundation and I built a new home upon Jesus Christ alone.


I believe that anyone can become a Christian at any time, but we must renounce any counterfeit, we must renounce the hidden things of dishonesty, we must renounce sin.


Why do I extend my hand to reach out to LDS? 

I  have a heart for them, I know both sides.  I left Mormonism to become a Christian according to the Bible.  I understand the LDS dilemma.


You see the Bible tells us that we die, then the Judgment.  LDS actually believe that they can continue to progress after this life to achieve their salvation and exaltation eventually to become a god, as in the 3rd degree of the celestial kingdom and plan of salvation.


LDS claim to be the restored gospel, the true church.  But when we examine these foundational claims neither is true.  If restored, where is the original model? A brief review of the history of the LDS church reveals that the flesh is central to LDS doctrine and the doctrine changes and shifts as the wind.  (LDS call it modern revelation).


Having two adopted black daughters I consider the LDS teaching and doctrine that blacks could not attain salvation from Cain to 1978 simply abhorrent.  I do not accept blood atonement (that the  blood of Jesus is not sufficient), I do not accept the teachings of the LDS prophets and neither do most Mormons.  LDS call some of the statements of LDS Prophets Anti-Mormon material.   I will not become a God, the teachings are problematic.  I do not believe in a plurality of Gods nor the plurality of wives.  My salvation does not hinge on the LDS church, tithing to it, LDS foreign to the Bible priesthood, polygamy, Joseph Smith, contradictory scripture, or any such thing as taught by Mormon prophets.


Yes many LDS people are nice people.  There are a lot of nice people.  It is good to be nice.  I think the enemy prays on those who genuinely would want to know god and gets them into contract knowing that it would be difficult for them to break a contract because of their desire to choose the right.  If the enemy can get us to see a counterfeit as good, many out of lack of knowledge may fall pray to it.


We are called to walk in truth, according to the Word of God, to represent Jesus Christ according to His Word, the Bible. 


An examination of LDS teaching and additional scripture reveals major problems, problems that the Christian community simply cannot accept.  Mormonism contradicts Christianity and the Bible.  There is no evidence to support the claims of the BoM.  No history, no archeological support, no cities, no graves, nothing.  A big void.


Most importantly, What Jesus Christ accomplished at the transition between the OT and the NT was on the other hand a very big deal.  Of these accomplishments, what needed to be restored?  Jesus showed us that it is in, through and of Him, not of men.  Him alone.  That is why the temple built with mans hands was destroyed!  He rebuilt it!  We are the temple now, our bodies!  Jesus is in us according to the Bible.


Mormons are building foreign temples, performing proxy works for the dead, and covenanting with their god(s) in these non Biblical buildings.


Todd there is no better path, there is only one path.  Jesus Christ said, I am the way, the truth and the life, except by me no one will enter.    This path is the one that I point to as I lead people in the direction of truth.


You wrote a common LDS mantra,  tear down others faith. You said that I am somehow bitter.  Regarding  Romney, you viewed my video as attack because his faith is wrong.  These are descriptives that I recognize often and that we were taught as we grew up and were instructed by LDS thought, ensign, conference talks, seminary etc…They are empty words.  They are fear based.


Your perception of attacking Romney tells me that you did not watch the video.  Romney said that we worship the same God, that we regard neither race nor creed etc.  Bottom line, We as Christians in this country, do not worship the same LDS God(s) and LDS are knocking on our Bible believing doors to tell us that our belief and creeds are an abomination to God and that we should join the only true church then try to call it Christianity. His speech in my view was not true.


As a Christian I cannot just sit by and say nothing.  I love Mormons, I am not interested in tearing down other peoples faiths, but do hope that some will develop an ear to hear, a willingness to be teachable as to be able to look at all sides before making the decision for eternity.  We are judged when we die.  This is the place to come to the knowledge of who we are in truth, who we are in Christ.   This is the day. 




Jan 22,2008


Webb17    Jan 22, 2008

The teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ and Christians are anything but opposites. The most important doctrine that is teached is that salvation is only attainable through Christ and that is the only way. Mormons read out of the bible just the same as christians do although they might interpret some things differently




Hi Webb,  Jan 23, 2008


Having left Mormonism after nearly 30+ years for a genuine relationship in Jesus Christ according to the Holy Bible, I completely understand both sides.  With confidence I can say that Mormonism and Christianity are opposites.  When one develops a willingness to examine the foundations of each, he then can see with clarity, the truth.


The subjective approach will not cut it in the end. (Truth, history and ideas determined based on 'feeling' as evidence).  This is the 'still small voice' -often called the burning in the bosom by LDS.


When Christians come forward and defend their faith based on a reality backed by real facts (archeological, historical and scriptural evidence and support),  LDS often view this as an 'attack'.  LDS Bob Millet warns young Mormons that they will be attacked because of their faith and teaches that this somehow strengthens the LDS logic (truth of the subjective) labeling it loud jangling.


Still small voice = LDS truth (really means no evidence)

Loud Jangling = LDS proof of truth (really means someone is pointing out lack of evidence)


Christianity is built upon a foundation of Jesus Christ according to the Bible.


LDS build upon a foundation of alien priesthood and temple, polytheism, polygamy, racism, conflicting scripture, false history, false translation (the BoA), another gospel and baptism, plan of salvation via works, proxy works for dead, covenants, oaths, goal to become eternally procreating Gods, modern prophets, God and Jesus have bodies, work accomplished for salvation after this life (Bible tells us that : we die then judgment), teach that Gods love, word, truth, and work on the cross were somehow lost and needed to be restored and this only scratches the surface.


If we with an open mind (ears to hear as Jesus said) examine the words and teachings of the LDS Prophets and leaders, we will soon see that the salvation in the LDS Church is literally IMPOSSIBLE.  Generally the response to this is to ignore it and ‘feel’ that one is being attacked, and go on blissfully still thinking Mormonism is somehow Christian...


An LDS person can in fact accept Jesus Christ as their savior, and become a Christian in truth. This will eventually enable them to see that the corporate system of Mormonism is not it. And Jesus will lead them out.


I give my time in this effort, for you, out of understanding and love for you, I have seen many come out and come to Jesus Christ in truth, because of my experience; I developed a heart to share the truth in love to the LDS.


Jesus is sufficient.




Jan 14,2008


Eric - looks really, really good; very informative and, as always, very gentle in the approach.

Well done!



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